List of punk bands in Edinburgh
Name Description Style Contact Links Active/Inactive
Auntie Vicious The new outfit from Sophie (Little Love), Nora (Little Love, PAL), & Lynnette (Llennett, Storm in a D Cup). Disco Grunge. A Queer powered up explosion of angst to make you dance Charming & Emotional Punk, brilliant to dance to. Sophie tears up the dance floor and gives a wonderful hug. An absolute blast. auntievicious [at] Facebook Inactive
Bee Asha Bee Asha Singh is a Scottish spoken word artist and rapper Her work is a cathartic outlet that she uses to explore themes of relationships, sexuality and trauma, characterised by an openness to talk about her lived experiences Highly personal Feminist Rap & Poetry. beeashasingh [at] Facebook,Website,Soundcloud Active
Blonde Secret Female-fronted punk/rock inspired band aiming to smash the patriarchy while making people dance 🤘 Absolute banger punk. Taps aff!!! blondesecretedinburgh [at] Website, Merch, Listen to them on youtube too! Active
Blue Tiger Melancholic pop tunes for the people. Sweet and sad, chilled out vibes. I like to draw along with their music. bluest.tiger [at] Website, Facebook, Soundcloud
Bratakus Bratakus are a 2 piece Vegan, Riot Grrrl Punk band from the North of Scotland. They are sisters Onnagh Cuinn (Bass/Vocals), Breagha Cuinn (Guitar/Vocals) and a drum machine. They have been described as making 'distortion-driven break-neck riot grrrl sounds'. Riot Grrl, Vegan, Punk with screamy vocals, like an angry and powerful metalhead baby breagha [at] Facebook, Merch, Youtube, Bandcamp Active
Chrisalis Hey! I'm Chris. I love making music, writing poetry and juggling. I try to combine all three whenever I can. I hope one day I can help save the world. Let's get together and make shit better! Trans folk punk spiritual grooves, very personal, the kind of music you hear once at an open mic night that sticks with you for years. chrisgimby [at] Facebook,Website, Soundcloud Active
Coma Cat Coma Cat has awakened to bring you pure catnip. The bassless trio from Edinburgh plays rabid shed rock - a genre-bending type of minimal punk garage conceived for the felines of tomorrow. Or let's just call it music. DIY Punk as hell, Coma Cat are bouncy and fun... Book them for a headliner! comacatsheds [at] Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram Inactive
Curdle Give us your phone number! Trippy riot pop from Wiggy, Lucy, Clare and Hoggers. Glasgow based female four piece. curdleband [at] Facebook, Merch
Dear Srrrz Dear Srrrz are a new queer feminist punk band who write sapphic anthems for the modern grrls, ghouls and dykes and promote girplit solidarity. Brilliant band who absolutely HATE cars and LOVE bikes. Recently got a mosh pit going in a public library of all places. Book them for your gig immediately. riotwitchpromotions [at] Instagram Active! Book them for more gigs!
Elsie MacDonald Elsie MacDonald is a local folk punk singer trying to appease both her uncle and auntie folk with touching and insightful songs to give hope for a better tomorrow. Acoustic folk punk with some politics, humanity and humour. elsiemacdonaldmusic [at] Link Tree Active
Fingering at the Disco Edinburgh based, queer, feminist, punk band born out of "Girls Rock School". Inspired by riot grrrl punk, radical politics, and a little bit of early 2000s pop classics. CLASSIC Riot Grrrl shit. Snarly and brilliant. GIRLBOSS GIRLBOSS. Contact em on Facebook! Facebook, Instagram
Fistymuffs Girls Rock School graduates, Fistymuffs are a political punk, Riot Grrrl band from Edinburgh. Their second EP, We Fight, sees the band tackle diet culture, fight gentrification and survive depression before asking you to join them in bringing down the capitalist society we find ourselves in. Expect relatable lyrics, solidarity, and a lot of dancing. Riot Grrl, Punk, postpunk vibes, with lots of cool guitar pedals and repeated vocals. Brilliant fun with great stage banter. Also check out Suky's gigs! fistymuffsband [at] Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram Youtube Active
Fit to Work Fit to Work are a ‘quasi-autonomous, non-governmental punk act’ from Scotland. Award-winning poet and performer Harry Josephine Giles joins members of Cradle of Filth, The Phantom Band and a guy from an office, to blast a scathing invective over a frantic backdrop of hardcore punk, with elements of thrash and grindcore. Screamo vocals with super loud, angry drumming. fucking CUTTING lyrics. Fit to work are brilliant... Also check out Josie's poetry. fittoworkband [at] Link Tree, Website, Twitter, Youtube, Bandcamp + Merch Active
Gay Panic Defence Kirkcaldy-based purveyors of DIY queercore powerviolence [...] have been ripping up Plague Island for the better part of half a decade now. From the chaos of Hardcore Brunch at BYAF to Leftfest to touring the UK to leave it all in smithereens, Gay Panic Defence are a savage proposition of the stereo but a whole different animal live. Somewhere between hardcore, oi and metal. Gay panic defence have some chaotic sounds for an intense queer mosh pit. Contact em on Facebook! Bandcamp, Facebook, Inctive
Thee Girl Fridays Scotland’s lo-fi, hi-class, girl gang, garage trash combo affiliated to the Girls Rock School Witchy and spooky, retro rock-and-roll rockabilly Riot Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlz theegirlfridays [at] Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp Active
Goth GF "Glasgow doom punk bullshit" Sweet & sad punk stuff. Lovely Feels music. gothgfband [at] Soundcloud, Facebook Active
Hailey Beavis Norfolk born Hailey Beavis is a song writer and artist living in Edinburgh. okpalrecords [at]
haileybeavis [at]
Honey Farm All-female scottish rap group. Bouncy, fun, and extremely horny. Peppy rap stuff, kind of straight, their stage banter is brill. honeyfarm.official [at] Bandcamp, Facebook
Iona Z Street songstress based in Leith, Edinburgh. Street musician, country, blues, has a really incredible, deep voice. Pretty good pals with the page admin. You'll find her playing outside lidl most weeks, and it'll be the highlight of your day. izawinski [at] Facebook
Lana Wild "Lana Wild is a noisy trans girl from Edinburgh, Scotland armed with stories about the craziest year of her life. Sometimes solo, sometimes with the boys." Hot as all hell Linktree, Instagram, Tick Tock, Facebook, Bandcamp.
Lisa the Beauty Queen Mysterious. Hard to describe? Kind of noisy? Dubsteppy? It's like if sound was queer and could kick you in the kidney. Facebook,Bandcamp
lonely carp A multi-instrumentalist and conceptual recording artist based in Edinburgh, lonely carp blends extended instrumental and vocal technique with both industrial and orchestral soundscapes, attempting to crystallise the complexity of a lived trans experience. lonelycarp [at] Website,Facebook, Twitter,Instagram Active
Lou Mclean Lou Mclean is a singer-songwriter who specialises in sweet melodies with razor-sharp lyrical content. Lou's music has drawn praise from The Skinny & The List magazines. She was featured in the BBC Scotland Documentary 'Riot Grrl Rock' in Nov 2019, as well as The Janice Forsyth Show. " a gem of the Scottish underground scene". Poetic lyrics and understated acoustic guitar. Name a venue in Edinburgh and Lou's played there (and sold a lot of CDs.) [at] Facebook,LinkTree,Bandcamp Active
Molly Wyrd Sad folk punk. mollywyrd [at] Facebook, Soundcloud Inactive
PETROLEUM GENDERLOSS Petroleum! Genderloss are a multi media art group working across a number of mediums making all sorts of art, theater and zines.
They are also a band!
Improvisational noise music and performance art, indescribable. Ludicrously trans. Ellie is the bass tutor with GRS-- taught me everything I know!! Contact them on Facebook! Bandcamp, Facebook Active
Pictureskew walking is the only thing / that comes to me more naturally / than shutting myself up inside / in spite of all that I believe Mournful solo folk punk, acoustic and sleepy with a bitter humour. Queer. Contact them on Twitter. Soundcloud, Twitter
Rebecca Radical Positivity spiked anarcho punk played by a buckfast drinking hippy cunt Facebook,Bandcamp
The Sabotagers Sabotaging songs with an existential high-pitch attitude. tsabotagers [at] Contact them on Instagram! Instagram Active
Sasquatch Junior Post-rock and math-rock inspired minimalist instrumental guitar. [...] Also been described as 'instrumental emo-sounding magic noodles' Sweet as hell folky stuff. Listen to their new EP.. it'll make u smile. Contact them on Bandcamp! Bandcamp Facebook
Scottish Gabber Punk Combining the energy of Punk with the power of Gabber-
LOUD, fast and intense. Political as fuck. Like drinkin a shot of punk and hyperpop at the same time. scottishgabberpunk [at] Website Active
Shambol!ca We are a 4 piece post punk/ indie guitar band, who are mainly GRSE graduates, performing a diverse range or originals songs and covers. We've been told that our original songs are relatable with a humorous attitude that gets the audience excited. We have 2 main vocalists in the band, one sounds very Scottish and the other sounds very emotional that it can make you cry, 2 for the price of 1, what a bargin! :D Feminist riot grrrl shit. Kinda indie, kinda post-punk! Girls Rock School grads. weareshambolica [at] Link Tree, Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud
Sha Rivari Sha Riviari is the 21st century one-man band. She plays synth punk/garage rock. Creates retrofuturistic riffs for the freaks of today. Some lovely midi music chilled out beats. Ideal as a wind-down in the middle of a night for slow dancing and sipping a cocktail. Also has a new EP out! Contact her via Bandcamp! Bandcamp, Instagram Active
Suffrajitsu Suffrajitsu exercise their own brand of punky feminist musical anarchy. This Edinburgh band is made up of graduates from the Girls Rock School initiative. Girls rock school graduates & teachers, riot grrl, queer! MARCH OF THE WOMEN!!! Contact them on Facebook! Facebook Active
The Farting Sufragettes Feminist punk. Fake teeth. Jizz monkeys. Horny as all hell, dancy-punk. Super freaking NSFW so if you book them do be prepared for that. fartingsuffragettes [at] Facebook, Instagram Active... Sexually!
The Harpies A feminist, eclectic band with a punk heart based in Edinburgh, formed by a group of immigrants from different parts of the Spanish State: Valencia, Barcelona, León, Ourense and Murcia. We are all graduates from Edinburgh Girl Rock School. Incredible feminist spanish punk. GREAT fun to dance to. theharpiesedinburgh [at] Facebook Active
Haylee - G - Devils in Skirts Punky, rap and dancey! Distortion guitar n fuzzy bass with Scottish punky attitude and lyrics! Hip-hop punk, very scottish. Check oot their songs on their website and the youtube. bookings.devilsinskirts [at] Website, Youtube Active
Thundrmoon Cosmic queer sounds from the moon 🌔 Electro-Synth-Wave-Dance-Punk. We make the thunder, you bring the snacks. Chill and relaxing, good for a sombre and inspiring night. Listen to the live recordings on their bandcamp. Contact them on their website here! Website, Bandcamp Active
Twistettes Jo and Nicky Darc make up The Twistettes with their dirty, twisted bass sound, a hit of swinging flare and thumping driving drums. They are punk, riot grrl, real-deal indie with a touch of psychobilly. They have performed at various venues from the legendary Glasgow Barrowlands to secret underground parties. It's not drum & bass (the genre) but it is drum & bass (the instrument.) Jo and Nicky are kind of local celebs. Bass-heavy sounds and compelling vocals that rule to dance with. thetwistettes [at] Bandcamp,Facebook Active
TXTERT ??? Weird techno stuff, kind of art, very chilled out. Lots of bitcrushers. contact them on instagram or Facebook Bandcamp,Facebook Active
Unspeakable Monday Edinburgh based punk rock band Incredible GRS style girl punk. Honestly gives me kinda MCR emo vibes lmao. They own. contact them on instagram or Facebook Website,Facebook Active
Vee Ruins Vee Ruins is a folk punk singer songwriter based in Edinburgh who writes riot grrrl songs about anarcha-feminism. Occasional kazoo & banjo player, part of The Sturdy Fragiles folk punk band and Girls Rock School fanatic. Lovely acoustic folk punk solo act. Biting sarcasm and burning sincerity! Contact them on Facebook! Facebook, Soundcloud Active


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