Walter Greenleaf @ Waltergreenleaf.com

Walter and I have collaborated and made art together for over a decade. We've collaborated on years-long forum adventures, comics, stories and plenty more over the years, and I consider him one of the people I am closest to in terms of art... We started at the same time, and have since branched out in completely different directions. His art uses anything from found photography, sketches from board games, slices of T-Shirt graphics, and anything else he can get his hands on to create DIY collages in the digital and physical world. He's a warlock each Wednesday, and the true Guardian of Christmas.
You can find his Tumblr blog at World Above, Sky Below.
Walter is also often active on The Orb, as is fitting for a warlock.

Art Maybury @ Arcade Idea

Art's writing on video games is some of the best I've ever read, and I'm not just saying that because we're best friends. I frequently act as a rubber duck or ideas gal for their articles (though mostly I just like watching my pals play video games!!) They are currently embarking on a project to review the entire games canon from its inception, as artworks, an incredibly ballsy project even to someone who actually played video games before starting it.
Art and I also occasionally write stories and articles together... And it's a little-known fact that their GIMP photochomps are great! Plus, they look excellent in a suit and tie. Art's writing can be found on Arcade Idea!

Elaine "OJ" Wang AKA Orngjce223 @ orngjce223.net

Another old friend, OJ is a musician and writer whose sounds and words are great to the ears. OJ and I met in a roleplaying thread for a now-(semi)-complete webcomic years ago, and have been close ever since. Her music is lovely and still gives me feelings when I listen to it. My fave is The Space Between The Stars, though I also really like Heat Lightning.
OJ also does a lot of the backbone organising for the Houston Spies Blaseball team, including writing debriefs of cool events. You can find some of her writing on her Tumblr.

Ivy Ruth Langley @ Bloodsad.com

Punk rock grunge comics at bloodsad.com. Slime and eyes at bloodsad.com. Women are at bloodsad.com.
Ivy gave me lots of good advice when I was first thinking of making this site, and the underlying site layout was referenced quite heavily from her website. We've been friends for a wee while, & her work is extremely DIY and personal in a way that inspires me a whole bunch. Ivy's work has this strange venom that honestly feels somehow both ironic and sincere in a way I super vibe with. Check her work out!
My dream is to own my very own pimple.

Nullcasting @ Warpzone.site

Nullcasting is my Strange computer friend & friend most likely to be fought as a boss by "kirby" from video games. She's a vtuber streamer and can usually be found on Cabletwo.tv.
Nullcasting's website is absolutely worth a look, because they've put an INCREDIBLE amount of work on the sound and graphics!

Arby @ Arby.party

Another famous "Cable Dog", Arby is an artist, poet and incredibly chill individual. They stream a show called 'Fantasy Flight' every sunday on Cable Two, a relaxing and sweet show all about flying across the world from the seat of your chair. I highly recommend checking out their website Arby.Party too, as it's extremely pretty.
They recently created a zine called How To Live Forever, which belongs to you.


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